Thursday, June 06, 2019

6 Morning Habits that transformed my entire life

I pulled out my list of life-changing personal development activities I had learned over the years but never implemented. One by one, I implemented each one.

Silence :- Sitting in silence, praying, meditating,and focusing on my breath, for ten minutes. I felt my stress melt away, felt a sense of calm some over my body and ease my mind. This was different from the typical chaos of my hectic mornings. For the first time in a long time, I felt peaceful.

Reading :- Having always made excuses why I couldn't find time to read, I was excited to make time this mornings and start what I had always hoped could become a lifelong habit. I grabbed Napoleon Hill's classic, Think and Grow Rich, off the shelf. Like most of my books, it was one that I had started, but never finished. I read for ten minutes, and picked up a few ideas that I was excited to implement that day. I was reminded that it only takes one idea to change your life, and I felt motivated.


Affirmations :- Having never before harnessed the power of affirmations, it felt amazing to finally read the 'self-confidence affirmation' from Think and Grow Rich aloud. The affirmation was a powerful reminder of the unlimited potential that was within me - and within each of us. I decided to write any my own affirmation. I jotted down what I wanted, who I was committed to doing to change my life. I felt empowered.


Visualization :- I grabbed the vision board off my wall. I had created it after watching the movies The Secret. I rarely took time to look at, let alone use it as the visualization tool it was intended to be. For ten minutes, my focus shifted form image to image, pausing at each one to close my eyes and feel, with every fibre of my being, what it would be like to manifest each into my life. I felt inspired.


Journaling :- Next, I opened one of the many blank journals I had purchased over the years. Like all of the others, I had failed to write in for more than a few days - a week at the most. On this day, I wrote what I was grateful for in my life. Almost immediately, I felt my depression lifting, like a heavy fog which had been weighing me down. It wasn't gone but it felt lighter. The simple act of writing down the things I was grateful for lifted my spirits. I felt grateful.


Exercise :- Finally. I got up off the couch, remembering what I'd heard Tony Robbins say so many times: motion creates emotion. I dropped down and did push-ups until I couldn't do one more. Then I flipped over into my back and did as many sit ups as my out-of-shape abs would allow. With six minutes left on the clock, I inserted one of my fiancee's yoga videos into the DVD player, and enjoyed completing the first six minutes of it. I felt energized.


It was incredible! I had already experienced what was one of the most peaceful, motivating, empowering, inspiring, grateful, and energizing days of my life - and it was only 6:00 am!   

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