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One hand shooter - Karoly Takacs

The talk was from the 1920's, a young boy from the Hungarian Army, whose only purpose was in life; His motive was to become the best pistol shooter in the world. Practicing hours spent working day to day to achieve their goal, the result was that they started counting in the top pistol shooters of their country. In the year 1938, when he was 28, he had won several shooting championships abroad, and everyone was convinced that the right-handed shooter would win the gold medal in the 1940 Tokyo Olympics, but there was something else It was only approved! During an army training session, a hand grenade in his right hand was broken ... in this accident he lost his right hand, and with that the dream of winning his Olympic gold medal was shattered, he was lying in the hospital for 1 month and After that, when he got out, his world had changed, now his biggest strength was not with his right hand.

What does a common person do then? Trying to take the felicity of the people of your destiny or to cut off from the people, may be depressed and forget about the purpose of your life. But the boy dreaming of becoming the world's best shooter since childhood was made of some other soil ... like the rest of the people, he did not think that he had lost his hand, how many of the world's best shooting hand Day one night ... Rather he thought that if one of my hands became useless then ... I still have another hand given to God which is perfectly fine now I will be making this hand the world's best suiting hand! And with his attitude, he once again got into a shooting practice and started trying to make the impossible possible.

About a year later he reached the National Shooting Championship! After so much time, the rest of the shooters started praising their courage, even after so much, they came to encourage him. But soon they were surprised when they came to know that they did not want to encourage them but to come up to fight them. Compared and shocked the whole world, the man with a tremendous courage won the match with his left hand. Once again it seemed that he could fulfill his dream of becoming the best shooter in the world and could win the gold medal in the Olympics. But unfortunately, it was as if it was behind ... due to the World War, the Olympic Games in the 1940s and 1944 were canceled and the decision was made to directly take the 1948 London Olympics.

In the meantime, many new shooters stood to make their talents iron ... where they had to compete with their right hand in their prime day, and after so many shawls, now they had to take part in world level competition with the left hand. But he was only concerned about these things, he knew only one thing - practice and ...... practice .. He used to practice the night and landed in the London Olympics to compete among the world's finest shooters ... his courage ... He had a test of his courage and patience, he did not disappoint anyone, he passed that test he won the gold medal.

Friends was the name of that boy,
Karoly Takacs and his unbelievable story is a huge message for every one of those shakes that give up on the slightest trouble, who are ahead in counting 50 reasons of their failure but to succeed Can not tell the reason. If there is life in dreams, if there is trust in dreams, then why should not the opposite circumstances, but should never give up. Regardless of the difficulties encountered on the way, no matter how many failures we face, we should not give up, neither should we tire nor tire, and should continue to strive with positive thinking, and that passion will make us success and make us the world champion.

"It is easier to run away from the difficulties, every aspect is a test of life, the person who does not get scared gets in some life, in the steps of those who fight."

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