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Fearlessness - Swami Vivekananda

   He was introduced to thousands of people in America's first migration. His speech reflected the unity and fraternity of the world, but he was candid. False Abominations and superstition were superstitious. They used to say, "I am a clear speaker. I have come to show you the truth. It is not my business to do it, nor is it my business."

            They used to do terrible attacks on the hypocrisy of Christian missionaries. They used to insist that God be the true follower of Jesus. In February 1894, he reached Detroit town. The meeting was held in the courtyard of the church itself.

Swamiji said with boldness, "When your religion-makers whenever they criticize us, they should never forget that if all India stands up, throwing all the mud of the Indian Ocean and throwing it on the Western countries, even then millions of those evils There will also be no part, which you are doing for us. Did we send some religious campaigner to the West for conversion? Can you tell us which world Have you circulated without any bleeding, without the help of the sword? In discussing the sacrificial service of Christ, sacrificing the goodness of the Christian missionaries, Oz, in his words, manuscript in words The church's pastor kept on listening to the confusions and repentance was reflected in his face. Swamiji came forward with the glory of the glory which came forth from the glory of the organizers. H We received an opportunity to hear the message of an angel | "

           Swami Vivekananda traveled from America to travel to Europe, Switzerland, Germany, England, etc.; Lectures in western countries, giving yoga training left for India. In December 96 Swamiji's steamer crossed the Lalsagar and was heading towards the Indus Sea. Slowly the end of the ocean ended Lonely in the worship of the motherland, in the form of floral goddess, in the lap of Goddess Nature, the holy shores of Sri Lanka began to appear in the skyline. Swami ji's heart started sprouting. Standing on the deck, Swamiji was adoring him with trash eyes.

           What did they know that their innumerable countrymen, Palak-Padwala, who were congratulating that saint of Motherland were waiting at the seaside. The unknown young ascetic of yesterday, who once came upon the Sripadasila, who had resolved the stairs, realized the determination of Digvijay Swami Vivekananda were going to be descended on Bharat Bhumi The stoppage of the steamers was announced by the crowd of millions who praised Swami Vivekananda's jai, Bharat Mata Ki Jai. Swamiji jumped from the steamer and started rolling in the sand of the sea. Stay in the lap of the motherland for a long time. It seemed as if a son is lying in the mother's lap a long time and is wary of staying away for so many days.

          Swami ji's migration started in India. Many speakers gave different speeches at various places, conveyed to their audience, "Now for the next fifty years, our nation will be our God. People living here will be our God, their service will be our worship."

          On May 1, 1897, he founded the Ramakrishna Mission in Calcutta. The purpose of this institution was to promote religion and spirituality. It was its main task to serve the people in education, health and disaster. He started the publication of "Enlightened India" in English language and magazine 'Apabhodan' in Bangla. Swami ji visited all over India and introduced the kings - Maharajas, scholars and noblemen to the needs of the motherland.

Sister Margaret Nobel, influenced by Swami Vivekananda's influence, came to India from Ireland. Swami ji named him "Sister Nivedita" by initiating him. Efforts of sister-in-law for education development in India have been commendable. Nivedita established schools in many places. Taking the time, serving poor, helpless, patients, have been making every effort to realize the dreams of their Guru.

Swami Vivekananda again went on a foreign trip in 1899 AD. Wanted to see the works established in the past and start new works. Arrive in New York, London The Shanti Ashram in California and the Vedanta Ashram in San Francisco. Swamiji continued to migrate, homeland worship The rest were probably forgotten. As a result, his healthy, healthy body was becoming shabby. While visiting countries such as Paris, Hungary, Romania, Egypt, came back to Calcutta in December 1900. Just a year and a half later, he returned to India with weak body and fractal health. Mayawati reached with Mayawati Ashram's founder Saradanand and disciple Sadanand. There lived for about 15 days. In this state, Swamiji also went with his mother to Chandranath, Lagalbanda, Kamakhya etc. on the pilgrimage. They were welcomed all over the place. After staying for some days in Shillong, they returned to Belud Math.

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