Saturday, April 20, 2019

Vivek Vani - Words of Swami Vivekananda

1- "Love India, worship it, that is prayer, that is worship, it is everything."

2- "India's history and literature have a national ideal of femininity, which does not impart education to the ideal from the beginning to the end, it can never be counted as the real education of the Indians.

3- "Meditate only then and only then can you be called a Hindu, when you hear this name, you will run the power of power in your raga."

4- "Only then you are entitled to be called Hindu, when the pain of any person who carries this name disturbs your heart in such a way as if your son is in distress.

5- "At the time you are frightened you are negligible. It is the root of all the disasters in the world. First of all, our young men become strong."

6- "Come, let us eliminate all our disputes and mutual discord, affect this grand stream of affection everywhere."

7- "In the same person, the Mahatma says that the blood of the heart flows for the poor, otherwise it is the evil."

8- "I want freedom only, it is also selfish to think that, till then there will be one sadness in India, till then I do not want liberation."

9- "Go! In the future life, follow the divine light, who had surrendered 500 times before birth, before receiving the realization of the welfare of others."

10- "Development is life and death is no doubt."

11- "Jeev Seva is the service of God."

12- "Be heroic, be reverent, and everything will come after this."

13 "Whatever you think will happen, if you think that you are weak, then you will become weak, and if you think strong, then you will become strong."

14- "The world can be pure and good only when we are holy and good, that is the work and we are due to it. Therefore, let us make ourselves holy, come, let us make ourselves pure."

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