Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Turn Weaknesses into Strengths

https://www.successcolors.com/2019/04/turn-weaknesses-into-strengths.htmlAn innkeeper's business was failing. None of his tactics to improve his declining fortune worked. In desperation, he consulted a wise man. 

   The wise man told him, "It is very simple. Just change the name of the inn."

   "How can I?" the keeper protested. "it has been 'Bright sun' for centuries."

   "My friend, you have a choice," the wise man explained. "you can retain your centuries-old name and sink the business, or change it and make a turnaround."

   "All right, all right," the innkeeper agreed meekly. "What should the name be?"

   "Call it Seven Stars. But make sure to have a row of six stars on the sign board."

   "Six?" the bemused man said. "That is quite absurd. How will that help?"

   "Just go home, make the change and see me after three months," said the wise man.

   The innkeeper obeyed the wise man's counsel.

   It so happened that every wayfarer passing by the inn paused for a moment, counted the stars, and finding the obvious mistake, got into the inn to point out the discrepancy, believing himself to be the only one who had noticed it. Having taken the trouble to enter into the inn, he ordered something to drink or eat. The number increased day by day and the innkeeper never looked back.

Implication of the story:- People delight in pointing out other's mistakes. This weakness can be cashed upon. 

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