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Three inspirational events in Swami Vivekananda's life

Courageous Narendra

In Narendra, the qualities of leadership were innate. They considered renunciation as the greatest quality. When he was six years old, he went to the fair with a relative. They had a small child with them. She was younger than Narendra. They were returning after seeing the fair. The child was left behind. Turned back and looked back and stood in the middle of the road. A horse wig

Had been The child was frightened by fear. Due to fear he was unable to move. The buggy was about to crush him that Narendra ran over him. Regardless of their lives, the child pulled the child from the middle of the horse's feet. The crowd gathered around. People were praising Narendra. On returning, the relative told the incident to the mother of Narendra. Mother Bhuvaneshwari cried over the whole event, but she said to Narendra - "Son always do the work of such courage. Never be cowardly. "

 Agility was a major feature of Narendra. Narendra was full of energy. The restlessness of something new was kept in it. His agility was only the symptom. In the future life, these qualities made him a snake charmer. With the help of only one pair of money without money, they had the courage to travel around the country and abroad. The longing to do something new was restless.


In 1871, Narendra was admitted to the famous School Metropolitan Institute of Ishwar Chander Vidyasagar. Vidyasagar was a living-learning ideal of scholarship, simple life and simple behavior. Focusing on reading, ahead of sporting exercise, Sermon in humorousness, intense intellectual skills, pioneer in courage and bravery, Narendra soon became eligible for Vidyasagar's affection.

     One day the teachers were studying in tensile classes, most of the students were listening to the text, but in the back row, Sitara was discussing with some friends. The teacher did not like it. To teach Narendra to experience the mistake, he asked some questions about the topic being read abruptly. The teacher was confident that Narendra would not be able to answer. The colleagues also felt that their hero was caught. But there was no place for the surprise of everyone to hear the exact answers to the questions from Narendra. The teacher asked, "Who was talking?" In all instinct, everyone looked towards Narendra, but the teacher did not believe, he said, "The children who were talking, stand up." Balendra Narendra also Stood up If the teacher refused to stand up Narendra, then the child said, "Guruji, I was talking, so I should be standing. The teacher was surprised and said-" You were listening to us carefully. "Narendra Said, "You were talking about listening to your lessons carefully." All were surprised. Narendra asked the child with his surprised faces easily and easily asked, "Acharya ji! Can not two different things be done together? "Narendra's talent appeared in front of everyone. All were enchanting on unusual talent. This is a wonderful example of Narendra's concentration. 

Second story of concentration

     This is the second incident or story after becoming Swami Vivekananda of Narendra. While traveling to North India, he reached Rishikesh with Swami Akhandanand. In Rishikesh, they got upset. Swami Brahmananda did his treatment in Haridwar. By getting some healthy, they reached Meerut for relaxation and health benefits. Studies, meditation, Sanskrit, etc. classes started running there. Books were made available only from the local library. One day, on the request of Swami Aakhandananda, all works of Sir John Lubbock were brought from the library to study. The librarian's head was doubted in the mind of the Librarian who went back to him on the second day. For many days, he was watching that the Sannyasi Mahasaya takes every day to read thick books and returns back the next day. The librarian asked him - "Swamiji, do you read them or reverse it and return them? You waste all of us in vain. "This news reached to Narendra. On the second day he went to the library himself. While addressing the librarian, he said, "My master brother Swami Aakhandanand takes books for me only, I read them and understand them completely and return them. Do you have any doubts? "
 "Swamiji, sorry to read all the works of Sir John Lubbock in one day
Can the losers be ended? "The librarian expressed his humility by curiosity.
"Why not, I have finished reading it. If you have a partner then by asking anything from it
Examine Swamiji's confidence in the face. but The librarian did not believe. Why would it happen? For ordinary person It was not possible. So she started asking many questions. Diversity of questions and The complexity could have troubled anyone. Right and clear and complete answer of Narendra He did not know where he was. His heart was filled with unbelief. Swamiji, in the footsteps of Swamiji, said, "Swamiji, excuse me, you are a god, I doubt it unconscious." I do not understand how you could accomplish this task. "" Swamiji replied - "If the concentration of mind is practiced, then the entire paragraph or the entire literature can be read together. I studied in the same way. "In the statement of Swami ji, humility and naturalness were being seen. The librarian then assumed the key to success today.

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