Friday, April 12, 2019

The Poor Have Their Self-respect day, the richest woman in town went to visit a very needy old woman living in a tenement. When the wealthy woman arrived, she noticed that there was no food in the dingy kitchen; there was no money for rent either. "I'll see that a settlement worker visits you in the morning," said the rich lady uncomfortably, as she planned a hasty exit. The old woman proudly replied, "You needn't trouble yourself; I need no help."

       The wealthy woman was shocked at this remark and felt a little hurt At the moment, another woman, from upstairs in the tenement, entered with food and clothing. She was warmly welcomed. When the rich visitor asked for an explanation, the old woman replied...
"You see, she is a neighbour. She does it with her heart."  

Implication of the story:- The poor have their self-respect. They are more likely to accept help when it is heartfelt and not simply for a big show of philanthropy. 

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