Thursday, April 04, 2019

The Great Always Forgive cholera epidemic broke out in Paris in 1832. One day, sister Marie, a Sister of Charity, was on her way to the hospital when she was rudely insulted by a workman. He followed her, shouting bad language, and would have struck her if bystanders had not intervened. Ignoring the situation, Sister Marie went quietly on her way.

A few days later, a new patient was brought to the hospital, but the building already crowded with hundreds, with deaths every few minutes. "No room - not even for one more!" said the officials at the door. The new patient was being turned away when Sister Marie happened to pass and recognized him; it was the man who had insulted her. "Oh, don't send him away!

    I will find a corner for him somewhere. I will look after him myself!" He was taken in, and the Sister tended to him unceasingly. He did not recognize the Sister as one of those he had insulted, for he had insulted so many. 

   On the eight day, when he was out of danger, he found a new nurse looking after him. "Where is Sister Marie?" he asked. 
   "She caught cholera herself and lied last night."

Implication of the story :- Can you find a better example than this of the exalted principle of "loving your enemies?" 

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