Sunday, April 21, 2019

Power of the Subconscious Mind

All of us have covered a lot of unaccounted treasure. It is enough to see the eyes of the mind open to get it. There is a vast reservoir of Niyamats within us, from which we can get everything necessary to live a happy, prosperous and enjoyable life. Many times we do not know the possibilities contained in us because we are unaware of the unlimited knowledge and the treasure of eternal love within us, while the truth is that from this we can extract whatever we want.

        The iron magnet piece can lift 12 times more weight than its weight, but if we remove its magnetic properties, it will not be able to lift a straw. In the same way man is also of two types. One who is filled with magnetic properties, such people are filled with self-confidence and belief and they know that they are made to succeed and win. Others are people who do not possess magnetic properties, such individuals are found more in society. They are full of fear and doubt. Even if the opportunities are revealed, they say, 'If I did not succeed'? People will laugh at me Such people can not go much further in life. Their fear prevents them from where they are. Now we have to think about which of the two categories we come in. That is, we have magnetic properties or lack it. If not, then we can become a magnetic person, provided we understand and understand its secret. This is the secret, the wonderful miracle power found in our subconscious mind. By learning to use the hidden power of the subconscious mind, we can find more power, wealth, health and happiness in our life. Actually we do not need to achieve this power, it is already contained in us, we just have to learn how to use it. Our subconscious mind keeps waiting for this when we develop and express it. If we recognize the potential of our subconscious mind then the desires of our outer world can come true and we can open the way to know the uselessness and inappropriateness of scalar expression in our life. To reveal the powers contained in the subconscious mind,

Ideas are worth remembering-

(1) The great secret of all the great men was that they had the talent to contact and release the forces of their subconscious mind. You can do the same.

(2) Our subconscious mind has responses to all the problems. If we say to the subconscious mind before sleeping, "I want to wake up at six o'clock", then it will wake you right away.

(3) Our subconscious is the creator of our body and can treat us. If we sleep with ideal health every night, then our loyal servant, that our subconscious mind will obey our order. Every thought is a reason and every circumstance is a result.

(4) If we want to write a book, write a good play, In front of the audience

(5) If you want to deliver better speech, then let this idea reach your subconscious mind with emotion and love. He will respond to it accordingly.

(6) In fact, we are like a ship. We only have to give correct instructions, otherwise the ship will crash. In the same way, we have to give the right order (ideas and pictures) to our unbound mind, which controls all of our experiences.

(7) Such sentences should never be used, "I have no money for it" or "I can not do this work." Whatever we think, our subconscious mind accepts the same thing, Ensures that we never have the money or do not have the ability to do what we want to do. Instead, say firmly, "I can do all the work with the power of my subconscious mind."

(8) The rule of life is the rule of faith. Faith is an idea of ​​our brain. Do not believe in things that hurt or injures us. Believe in the powers of your subconscious that they will treat us, make them powerful and prosperous. Change your thoughts, the fate will change itself.

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