Friday, April 05, 2019

Finding Happiness one afternoon, a fisherman retired for the day and was smoking his pipe under a tree, without a care on his mind. An industrialist passing by found his laziness unsettling. 
     "Why are you not fishing?" he asked the fisherman.
     The fisherman answered, "I have caught enough fish for the day."
     "Why don't you catch some more fish?" the business man suggested.
     "What would I do with it?"
     "You would earn some more money. Then you can fix up a motor to you boat, which will enable you to go into deeper waters and catch more fish. That will bring you money to buy nylon nets, which in turn will help you catch even more fish and earn even more money. Soon you will have enough to buy two boats, even a fleet of boats. Money will pour in continuously and then, you will be rich like me."
     "What would I do then?"
     "Then, you can really enjoy life."
     The fisherman then poses a question to the industrialist. He asked that "What do you think I am doing now?"

Implication of the story :-  Amassing wealth and enjoying life are two different things. Have we not observed that some wealthy persons commit suicide, while others who are poor display greater fortitude and happiness? Earning money should never be our only aim in life. We should be able to develop inner strength and peace of mind through whatever we do.

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