Monday, April 01, 2019

Change Your Attitude, Change Your Life priest and a barber were walking through a wretched slum. The barber, an atheist, asked "If there is a God and He is a "God of Love," how can there be so much poverty, deprivation, and character-destroying vices? A "God of love" would never allow these things to exist."
      The priest did not reply immediately. Upon walking further, they came across a man with a week's worth of unsightly stubble on his face; his hair was unkempt and had grown three or four inches over the back of his coat. The priest said, "If you were a good barber there wouldn't be men like that fellow we just passed."
      The barber indignantly replied, "What do you mean? The man never approached me!" To this, priest replied... "if poor people approached God, he would help them."

Implication of the story :- Most of the poor are resigned to their fate and do not take the initiative to lift themselves out of misery. To change your life, you must first change your attitude. 

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