Thursday, April 18, 2019

Blessings in Disguise
An oil well caught fire. The fire was too dangerous for the fire brigades of the company to go near it.
     Things were getting desperate. As a last resort, the local fire brigade was called.
     The local fire brigade was notoriously inefficient, but to everyone's surprise, it took the the engine close to the fire and bravely put it out.
     The grateful and appreciative oil company presented them with an enormous cheque for their bravery at a public reception.
     After the ceremony, the head of the oil company asked them "How could you display such heroism where our own people failed? They answered... "Our engine was not fully under control because the brakes were faulty. The engine took us too close to the fire and there was no way out but to fight the fire."

Implication of the story:
Break failure proved to be a blessing in disguise to the fie brigades. Life, at times, may present unexpected turn of events that may bring fortune even when undeserved. Accept certain amount of mysticism in life.    

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