Wednesday, April 03, 2019

Accept People As They Are
A customer entered an expensive bakery in New York. His order was something out of the ordinary. He wanted a cake baked in the shape of the letter "s". He was very clear about what he wanted and included all the details - the preparation, the decoration and date of delivery. The day before cake was due, the customer dropped into the shop to find out how the cake was coming along. The cake was almost ready for delivery, but upon seeing it, he almost threw a fit. He shouted: "It is completely wrong. You have baked it in the shape of a small 's'. I refuse to accept it."

      The shop manager apologized profusely. He promised to prepare another cake with care and diligence, exactly as per the customer's specifications.

      The customer returned the next day. He lingered over the cake for a long time, thoroughly checking it. Finally, happy with the result, he expressed that he was satisfied. 

      The shop manager breathed a sigh of relief. He said, "I am happy that we have been able to satisfy you, Sir. Do you wan to get it packed in a specific way? Would you like to have it delivered or would you like to take it with you?"

      The customer's answer shocked the entire shop. "Oh, that's all right," said the customer with a wave of his hand. I'll eat it here.

Implication of the story :- The customer may have been idiosyncratic in fussing over a cake that only he was going to eat, but he had every right to be fussy because he was praying money for the services. 

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