Monday, March 18, 2019

The Guilt of Sin

Two men once visited a holy man with repentance in their hearts. “We have done wrong,” they said, “and our consciences are troubled. Can you tell us what we must do to wash away our guilt?”
“Tell me about your wrong doings, my sons,” said the holy man.
     The first man said, “I have committed a great and grievous sin.”
     “What about you?” the holy man asked the second.
     “Oh,” said he, “I have done quite a number of wrong things, but they are all quite small, and not at the important.”
  The holy man thought for a while and said at last. “Each of you must go and bring me a stone for each of his misdeeds.”
  After some time, the first came back with an enormous boulder and with a groan, he put it beside the feet of the holy man. then came the second, cheerfully carrying a bag of small pebbles. He also put it beside the feet of the saint.
  “Now,” said the holy man, “take all those stones and put them back where you found them.”
 The first man shouldered his rock again and staggered back to the place from where he had bought it. But the second man could only remember where a few of his pebbles had lain. After some time, he came back and said that the task was too difficult.
 Then, the wise man counseled them as follows:
 If someone has committed a great sin, it lies like a heavy stone on his conscience; but if   he feels sorry for his mistakes, he is forgiven and the load is taken away. However if someone constantly does small things that are wrong, he does not feel a heavy burden of guilt and so he remains a sinner.

Moral of the story:- It is important to avoid little sins as big ones.

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