Sunday, March 10, 2019

Sympathy - A motivational poem

About the poem :- Sympathy is a quality of God. We should not be indifferent towards the sufferings of other people. Money is great but far greater than money is sympathy . If somebody helps us with money, we can pay back his money is due course. But The service done to us in sympathy cannot be paid back.


I lay in sorrow, deep distresses;
My grief a proud man heard;
His looks were cold, he gave me gold,
But not a kindly word.

My sorrow passed-I paid him back
The gold he gave to me;
Then stood erect and spoke my thanks
And blessed his charity.

A lay in want, and grief and pain;
A poor man passed my way;
He bound my head, he gave me bread,
He watched me night and day.

How shall I pay him back again
For all he did to me ?
Oh, gold is great, but greater far
is heavenly sympathy.

   - Charles Mackay

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