Saturday, March 23, 2019

Seed - A Inspirational Story

A seed pressed under the soil was sleeping comfortably in its shell. The rest of his companions were lying in their own shell. Then suddenly one day it rained, that is why. Some water was collected over the soil and all the seeds were rotten and started rotting. That seed also became dense and started rotting.

The seed thought, "In this way I will die as a seed. My condition will also be similar to my friends, which are now over. I should do something that I should become immortal. "The seeds showed courage and changed their own shell by planting full strength and transformed themselves into a plant. Now the rain and the soil had become his friends, and instead of helping him get upset, he started helping him grow. Gradually it started to grow bigger. One day the situation came when it grew so big that it could not grow anymore. He thought his mind, like this one day standing here, I will die, but I have to be immortal. By thinking of this, he converted himself into a bud.

The bud started to blossom in the spring, its fragrance spread far and wide, attracting it to be roasted and whirling there, thus the seeds of this plant spread far and wide and it is a seed which does not give up in front of the circumstances, Had decided to change, again became alive as millions of seeds.

Implication of the story :- Changes should not be seen as an event, but rather as a process. This is like a new search. It does not change our environment, but it also changes. We start seeing new possibilities of development and are able to change. This strengthens us instead of erasing and we become progressive.

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