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Ridding Onself of Inner turmoil

Aggrawal was a hardworking executive. He was the president of a large company and worked unremittingly to make it the biggest and best of its kind. Physically, he was a strong man, heavily muscled and energetic and though he was middle-aged, he still looked like an athlete. 
     Aggarwal prided himself of his health. He watched his diet carefully and exercised regularly. He did not drink or smoke and was meticulous about getting enough sleep each night. 
Despite all this, before he was fifty years of age, he was forced into retirement by a recurrent duodenal ulcer.
    When he first heard the news, he was flabbergasted, then enraged, and finally, he turned bitter. "All my life, I've take care of myself," he complained to anyone who would listen. "I've watched my weight, eaten the right food, never drink nor smoked. Look at me! Don't look fit?
Then along comes something like this, knocks the props right our from under me, and there's not a darned thing I can do about it..."
    His friends felt sorry for him. They agreed that he had the worst luck in the world. Aggrawal continued to complain, until finally a wise friend made him see the light.
    "I believe there is something you can do," his friend told him.
    This made him feel hopeful but soon his eyes dulled again. "Sure. The doctor says rest - complete relaxation and no business - is how I can battle this illness. All I have to do is lie around and the ulcer will go away. But I don't want to just lie around! I think rather have the ulcer."
    His friend persisted, "Perhaps that's not the only answer. Perhaps you don't have to stop working to cure the ulcer."
    "What do you mean?"
    "Get rid of your inner turmoil. Make peace with yourself."
    Aggarwal looked up sharply. "What makes you think I've got any inner turmoil?"
    "Sometimes, Aggrawal," his friend said, "emotional disturbances can manifest themselves in physical ailments. You have been fighting heard every day, battling to contain fear and uncertainty. Perhaps they are expressing themselves in the form of this ulcer."
    "Psychosomatic illness, you mean? I've read about them."
    "Exactly. And if that's the case, we have to get rid of the inner conflict that's causing the ulcer. If we are successful, you will be able to return to work."
    "You really mean that?"
    "Nothing is certain. But it's worth a try, don't you think?"
    "When can we start?"
    "Right now. We can start by you telling me what's bothering you."
    Aggrawal's face froze immediately. "I don't know," he said.
    "I think you do, my friend."
    A guarded look entered Aggrawal's expression and his eyes narrowed. He became careful. It was a secret he had guarded well. "Maybe it has nothing to do with my ailment," he said finally.
    His friend's voice was firm. "Right now, Aggarwal." 
    He stood up, paced a bit and then, turned back. "I can't," he said.
    "Of course you can. You have the power to make any decision you want to make. You want to be well, don't you? You want to return to your job? To a useful life? Then make the decision right now to accomplish that end. Tell me what is bothering you. Talking about it will help you and the tension will leave you. You will find peace."
    Aggrawal felt like his heart had come into his eyes. His lips moved nervously. A few seconds later, he had made his decision. Mustering all of his courage, he calmly told his friend what was bothering him all along. 

Implication of the story:- When he openly admitted the gnawing fear that had plagued his business career, he effectively exorcised his demon. He was also able to get another perspective and thereafter, his cure was rapid. He was able to see that his apprehension was ridiculous and that he subconsciously had been making a mountain out of a molehill. His fear disappeared entirely. He became more relaxed. He returned to work within a few months, where he served ably and without a recurrence of the ulcer. His associates noticed a change in him. He no longer drove himself so hard. Instead, he seemed more steadfast in times of trouble. They asked him about it.
"I've got a new motto", he replied, "If God is with me, who can be against me?"  

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