Sunday, March 24, 2019

Recognize of Ability

There was a huge pond in some forest. There was a garden near the pond, which had many types of trees planted. People come from far away and admire the garden.

On seeing the rose tree on the rose tree, everybody sees people coming and praising flowers, she may think that one day someone would also praise her. But when a lot of days have passed, even after no one praises him, he started feeling inferior. Various ideas started coming in there- "Not everyone tired of praising rose and other flowers but I do not see anybody, maybe my life is of no use ... where are these beautiful flowers and where I ..." and thinking like such thoughts The leaves became so depressed that they became very depressed.

The days were passing away that one day the wind started flowing loudly in the jungle and seeing-it turned into a form of a storm. The garden plants began to degenerate, seeing all the flowers fell on the ground and fell apart, the leaf too separated from its branch and went into the flying pond.

The leaf saw that a few miles away from it, an ant washed in the pond due to the wind blows and was struggling to save his life.

The ant tried to get tired and was quite tired and she seemed to be deciding on her death that the leaves then gave her voice, "Do not panic, come on, I help you.", And sitting on your feet saying this. The storm stopped at the end of the pond; Ant reached the beach and was very happy and said, "You have done a great favor by saving my life today, really you are great, thank you very much! "

After hearing this, the address became emotional and said, "Thank you, I should do it because for the first time, because of you, I was faced with my abilities, from which I was unknown to this day. For the first time today I have found the motive of my life and its strength ....

Implication of the story :- Friends, God has given us all the unique powers; Many times we are unaware of our own ability and when we come to know it, we should understand that failure of any work is not always ineligible for it. By recognizing your own potential, you can do that work, which no one has ever done!

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