Wednesday, March 27, 2019

People are disabled by Thinking, not by Body

Once upon a time that was a disabled boy. He was passing through a road, only then some boys came to him from there and stopped his way and snatched away his land and dropped him. Even this boy does not say anything and tries to pick up his vaishakshi and try to get out of there, but the boys do not let him go and make fun of him, that the lame can not do anything in life. He will begging for life and will be a burden on the shoulders of his parents. It would be better to go somewhere and die, at least some of the earth will be less burdened, and those boys start joking about it, and then it starts to stop them and tells them that I will be seen as a big man, Change that a disabled person can also do everything. He comes back to his home and determines that whatever happens, I will be seen as an IAS Officer. This is the only way that will honor me and she gets ready to get her alive and achieves her goal and she becomes an IAS Officer. His name is everywhere, in the newspapers, the media also comes, to interview him. Then he shares the journey of becoming his IAS, how he was joking, but still he did not give up, and his revenge took some form. 

Implication of the story :- Similarly, we all have to be with people too many times we have to be humiliated but instead of doing something we start to blame our circumstances, our parents. Problems Everyone's life is the same. It is our view that we see him as a challenge or in the form of trouble. We get this education from this story that if the person decides anything then there is nothing wrong in this world. If he wanted a disabled person, he could cry for his disability throughout his life or he could also give the blame for his disability, but he proved that "person does not have a disability, there is no body". If you want to become or want to become whatever you want to be, then you should work hard to be determined and then we definitely will succeed.

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