Friday, March 15, 2019

No Pain, No Gain

The great French artist Renoir suffered dreadfully from arthritis. His hands were twisted and deformed; the knuckles were swollen and enormous. But even when he could barely hold the brush with thumb and forefinger, he continued working. His condition became so bad that he had to be carried to his easel and attendants had to move the canvas for him. Yet he never complained. He remained cheerful and serene, and he kept on working.
       One day, his friend Matisse paid him a visit and found the artist painting, as usual. At one point, Renoir winced with pain, and the brush fell from his hand. Torn with pity, Matisse cried, "Why torture yourself like this, master? You have done so much; you may well be satisfied!"
       Renoir looked at him, smiled gently and remarked.."The pain I suffer is momentary; the beauty I create is permanent."

Moral of the story:- A genius pursues his work with a passion akin to madness. In the process, pain and sufferings are relegated to the background. This is the main reason for their stupendous achievements. No pain, no gain.

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