Sunday, March 31, 2019

Live Life as It Unfolds

A couple had put up their house for sale. Soon, a prospective buyer phoned to say that he and his wife were coming over to see the house.
      The housewife frantically ran around the house picking up toys and clothes, but the doorbell rang before she could put everything away. At a loss for what to do with the bundle in her arms, she opened her bedroom closet and threw the articles inside it, closing the door behind her.
      She then took the visiting couple around. When they came to the bedroom, she grew nervous and hoped that they would not ask her to open the closet. "This is the master bedroom, "she informed the visitors.
      "What is that?" asked the man, pointing to the closet door.
      "A mess," the landlady said without thinking. 
      The female visitor hesitatingly opened the door and stepped back as some of the articles tumbled out. she looked inside the closet, and said to her husband..."Good. it hold a lot." impressed, they decided to buy the house.

Implication of the story :- We fret over things that will never happen; we should just learn to live life as it unfolds. We will find that some things may even he blessings in disguise.  

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