Monday, March 25, 2019

Identify yourself

A poor farmer's son lived in the village. His and his poor father had only one dream that his son grew up becoming an engineer, so that the name of his father and his father could be illuminated.
One day when he went to the farm with his father, he saw that his father was holding fields with the help of oxen. They had to struggle a lot. After getting the farm for some time, his father comes to rest under tired food under the tree, then that boy asks some questions from his father that father, all of them can find everything in life whose dreams Sees? Then his father explains to him that if any person is hard working and kept alive towards his goal and dream he can achieve everything he wants to achieve. The son of that poor farmer understands what his father has said and starts working hard to fulfill the dream of becoming his engineer. Many people make fun of him that you can not become an engineer, your fortune has written to work in the fields. You can not do anything in life, in the same way he makes fun of his and his dreams, but he keeps quietly listening to his words and after he is silent, he tells them that I will definitely become an engineer. If I could not become an engineer then I would never show my face in this village. After saying all this, he goes from there. Comes home and thinks about those things and determines to myself that whatever happens, I will definitely be able to achieve my goal. With this same enthusiasm, he works hard to achieve his goal and eventually becomes successful, he becomes a very big engineer. The news of his becoming an engineer is published in the newspaper and his discussion starts in place in the village. When those people find out who ridiculed the poor boy, they reach him to congratulate him and tell him that when we came to know that you have become a big engineer then you should congratulate Have come to you Those people say apologies to him, we knew that you would become a big engine one day. In your childhood there was a talent from childhood, the whole village had many expectations from you and you have stood on their expectations and started talking to him. Then the boy said to those people: "The man is alone in the struggle but when the success comes, the whole world is standing with him.

Implication of the story :- Friends! This story gives us a lot of learning. In the story some people of that poor boy make fun of him and his dreams but still he does not lose his courage and believes in himself that no matter how difficult it is, I will definitely become an engineer. Keeps on working hard by ignoring people's talk. Such friends! We are also in the lives of people when we work hard to get the goal, so many obstacles come to stop us but we should face them with stubbornness and be dedicated to our goals and our dreams. Finally, my favorite four lines were written by me: -
Do not you see these troubling problems
Troubles will frighten you too
Keep courage you win
Your own problems will be your own way!

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