Saturday, March 30, 2019

Death is Inevitable

A man, strolling down the beach, came upon a fisherman about to enter the stormy sea. His boat was noticeably small and did not look like it would survive the weather "My dear man, are you not afraid to go out when the sea is so stormy?" the strolling gentlemen inquired.
     "Why should I be afraid?" the fisherman asked. "The sea gives me my livelihood."
     "But, certainly, the sea must have swallowed up stubborn fishermen in your family who ventured out despite the unpleasant weather?"
     "Why, my father, grandfather and two uncles perished at sea," the fisherman answered. 
     "Then, aren't you afraid to go out when the sea is rough like that, knowing that so many of our relatives have drowned out there?"
     "Why should I be?" asked the fisherman, posing to the man a counter question. He asked, "Your father and grandfather must have died in their beds. Are you afraid of sleeping in yours?"

Implication of the story :- Death is inevitable, and it is foolish to fear it. Many worry that dying will be a painful experience, but their fear is grounded in speculation. While certain types of illness cause pain, death itself is not painful. Ironically, it often brings relief from pain. 

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