Tuesday, March 05, 2019

A Puppy : A Motivational Story of Empathy

A boy went to the pet store to buy a puppy dog. Four puppies were sitting together, in the center, priced at $50 each. There was one puppy sitting alone in a corner. The boy asked if
that was from the same littler, and why it was sitting alone. The store owner replied that it was from the same littler but it was a defective one. It was born without a hip socket and had only three legs and so would be put to sleep.
        The boy asked if he could play with that puppy. The store owner said, “Sure.” The boy picked up the puppy and the puppy started licking his face and hands. Instantly the boy decided that, that was puppy he wanted to buy. The store owner said “That is not for sale!” The boy insisted and said, “I will pay you good money for the bad one.”
        The store owner said, “ If you insist, who am I to stop you? Go ahead”. The boy pulled out $2 from his pocket and ran to get $48 from his mother. As he reached the door the store owner shouted from behind, “Son, I understand you want to pay good money for the bad one. But I still don’t understand when, for the same amount of money, you can get a good one, why do you want to buy the deformed one? The boy did not say a word. He just picked his left trouser leg up, he was himself wearing a brace, The store owner said, “I understand now. Go ahead. Go get your money.” This is empathy.

Moral of the story :- When you share sorrow, it divides; When you share happiness, it
multiples. Empathy alone is a very important characteristic of a positive personality. When we empathies without customers, employers, employees and families, what happens to our
relationships? They improve. It generates understanding, loyalty, peace of mind and higher
productivity. People with empathy ask themselves this question; “How would I feel if someone treated me that way ?”

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