Tuesday, March 26, 2019

21 Mantras of Happy Life

Let me give the following 21 mantras of happy life based on my own personal experience and practice.
1: Don’t chase happiness.
You don’t create happiness. You become happy when you are doing good things in life. You must focus on doing great things in life and happiness shall follow you.
2: Reduce your needs

Necessity is the mother of invention. If your needs are more, you have to suffer more to fulfill the needs. You can actually live peacefully in much lesser income than you think.
3: Happiness comes from within
Don’t chase happiness in external things because the source of happiness lies within. Find the source of joy within and no power in this world can ever deprive you from being happy.
4: Pay the price for Happiness
You have to pay the right price of happiness to enjoy it. You can’t get a car without paying for it. You can’t watch a movie in Theatre without paying for the tickets. You must be willing to voluntarily suffer the pain of doing the right things before you can attain happiness.
5: Life is Suffering
You can’t be happy all the time. There will be time when you would face unexpected pain and sufferings. Be ready for it as you are ready for occasional illness. You should rather develop a confidence and ability to overcome these unexpected challenges.
6: Develop the habit of giving
You are most happy when you give something to others without expecting anything in return. The more you give, the more joy you can have in your life. The more you take from others without paying for it, the more unhappiness you create in your life.
7: Hatred is the enemy of happiness
You must avoid hating people however strong the provocation is. You should rather be compassionate and forgiving. God and Governments are there to take care of the transgressions of people.
8: Develop Gratitude
We suffer because we don’t appreciate what we have and always bothered about what we don’t have. If you develop the gratitude to what you have, you can’t be unhappy because there will always be many things to celebrate.
9: Don’t Lose Faith
A person without faith and trust can never enjoy happiness in his life. Don’t allow the trust to be broken due to the ingratitude and actions of a few people.
10: Do what you Love
Always find some time every day to do something which you love, whether it is reading books, listening music, playing games or spending time with your children and family. This will recharge your soul and make you suffer the pain of the day.
11: Respect Traditions
Many traditions look outdated and irrational. It is easy to ridicule the old traditions and scoff at the people who follow them. However, it is the traditions that connect different generations and different strata of society. You may or may not follow them in totality, but don’t disrespect people who follow the traditions.
12: Don’t Compare
You can never be happy in life if you can’t get rid of the habit of comparing yourself with others. There will always be someone who is more intelligent, more powerful, wealthier or good looking than you, and that would always make you feel inferior. If at all you should compare, compare with what you have and not what you lack.
13: Be Contented
There is no end to greed. The entire wealth of the world can’t satisfy your greed which seems to grow at double the pace of your acquisition. You must develop contentment once your basic needs are reasonably satisfied.
14: Enjoy Freedom
There is no joy in bondage. If your soul is not free, you can never enjoy happiness. In the interconnected world where we live, there is no possibility of absolute freedom and it is futile to crave for it. However, all the restrictions are only applicable to physical level. You can be free spiritually and emotionally to a great extend by making yourself less dependent upon others.
15: Don’t Sell Your Soul
If you gain the world and lose your soul, it is of no value. You can always rise if you fall in the eyes of the world, but you can never rise if you fall in your own eyes. Never do anything that you feel ashamed of yourself when you stand before the mirror.
16: Enjoy the Spectrum of life
The life is beautiful because it has so many colors in it. You must never expect everyone to follow you or think like you. Appreciate the diversity in the world and learn to respect the different points of view of the people.
17: Experiment with Life
Life is like flowing water. If you trap this water in inside a stagnated pond, it starts stinking soon. You must always experiment in your life so that you can learn new things and enjoy the different aspects of life. Experiments make you wiser and better prepared to face the challenges of life.
18: Learn from Everyone
The greatest minds of the world are those who had never stopped learning. While common people learn from books and famous people, the wise people learn from everyone. When you develop this habit, you start respecting everyone since everyone is like a teacher to you.
19: Enjoy the Journey of Life
While most people wish to achieve great things in life, they often miss the entire journey of life since as soon as they reach one goal, they get busy in planning for the next. Don’t waste life in chasing dreams. Wake up, open your eyes and love the world.
20: Don’t Use Power
It is natural to seek power and use all the power under your command to get quick results. However, every application of power creates hatred in the heart of a people against whom it is used. You must rather try to persuade the people to do the job and inspire them from your own actions than to use the power and spoil the relationship. Exercise of power must be the last resort.
21: Value Relationships
The most important source of happiness is solid human relationships you build over years. You don’t lose sleep in night while losing a few thousand bucks if you have a million bucks in the bank. In the same way, if you have invested in relationships, you will always find shoulders to cry and people to share your pain.

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