Monday, February 25, 2019

Motivational story : Power of Positive thinking and believing

Mohammad Ali, When he used to go into the ring, he used to think “I am the greatest, I am the champion. I am the greatest, I am the champion.” He never said, I hope I win. He used to psyche himself mentally. That was positive thinking or positive mental conditioning. He used to look at his opponent and say, “ You have the belt but I am the champion.” Before he became a champion inside the ring, he became a champion outside. But he did not become the champion by only shouting “I am the greatest, I am the champion.” While he was doing his positive thinking, he was not sitting in his living room, watching TV and eating pop corn all day long. He was in the ring punching the bag all the time. His positive thinking was backed with positive action which led him to believe that results would be positive. Positive thinking is a supplement, not a substitute to an action plan. When a person has a reason to believe that they will be successful, that is positive believing.

Moral of the story :- To succeed in life, one needs both the skill and the will. One without the other will not work. but between the two, will is a little more important than the skill. Skill can be matched but when you are down and hurt, that’s the time when your will is going to pull you up one more time, to get up and give one more push and that is the winning edge. Even thought it has become a cliché, it still make great sense. The difference between the ordinary and extraordinary is only the ‘extra’. Positive believing is more than positive thinking. It is, knowing that positive thinking will work. Positive believing is an attitude of confidence that comes from preparation.

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