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One hand shooter - Karoly Takacs

The talk was from the 1920's, a young boy from the Hungarian Army, whose only purpose was in life; His motive was to become the best pistol shooter in the world. Practicing hours spent working day to day to achieve their goal, the result was that they started counting in the top pistol shooters of their country. In the year 1938, when he was 28, he had won several shooting championships abroad, and everyone was convinced that the right-handed shooter would win the gold medal in the 1940 Tokyo Olympics, but there was something else It was only approved! During an army training session, a hand grenade in his right hand was broken ... in this accident he lost his right hand, and with that the dream of winning his Olympic gold medal was shattered, he was lying in the hospital for 1 month and After that, when he got out, his world had changed, now his biggest strength was not with his right hand.

What does a common person do then? Trying to take the felicity of the people of your destiny or to cut off from the people, may be depressed and forget about the purpose of your life. But the boy dreaming of becoming the world's best shooter since childhood was made of some other soil ... like the rest of the people, he did not think that he had lost his hand, how many of the world's best shooting hand Day one night ... Rather he thought that if one of my hands became useless then ... I still have another hand given to God which is perfectly fine now I will be making this hand the world's best suiting hand! And with his attitude, he once again got into a shooting practice and started trying to make the impossible possible.

About a year later he reached the National Shooting Championship! After so much time, the rest of the shooters started praising their courage, even after so much, they came to encourage him. But soon they were surprised when they came to know that they did not want to encourage them but to come up to fight them. Compared and shocked the whole world, the man with a tremendous courage won the match with his left hand. Once again it seemed that he could fulfill his dream of becoming the best shooter in the world and could win the gold medal in the Olympics. But unfortunately, it was as if it was behind ... due to the World War, the Olympic Games in the 1940s and 1944 were canceled and the decision was made to directly take the 1948 London Olympics.

In the meantime, many new shooters stood to make their talents iron ... where they had to compete with their right hand in their prime day, and after so many shawls, now they had to take part in world level competition with the left hand. But he was only concerned about these things, he knew only one thing - practice and ...... practice .. He used to practice the night and landed in the London Olympics to compete among the world's finest shooters ... his courage ... He had a test of his courage and patience, he did not disappoint anyone, he passed that test he won the gold medal.

Friends was the name of that boy,
Karoly Takacs and his unbelievable story is a huge message for every one of those shakes that give up on the slightest trouble, who are ahead in counting 50 reasons of their failure but to succeed Can not tell the reason. If there is life in dreams, if there is trust in dreams, then why should not the opposite circumstances, but should never give up. Regardless of the difficulties encountered on the way, no matter how many failures we face, we should not give up, neither should we tire nor tire, and should continue to strive with positive thinking, and that passion will make us success and make us the world champion.

"It is easier to run away from the difficulties, every aspect is a test of life, the person who does not get scared gets in some life, in the steps of those who fight."

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Fearlessness - motivational context of the life of Swami Vivekananda

   He was introduced to thousands of people in America's first migration. His speech reflected the unity and fraternity of the world, but he was candid. False Abominations and superstition were superstitious. They used to say, "I am a clear speaker. I have come to show you the truth. It is not my business to do it, nor is it my business."

            They used to do terrible attacks on the hypocrisy of Christian missionaries. They used to insist that God be the true follower of Jesus. In February 1894, he reached Detroit town. The meeting was held in the courtyard of the church itself.

Swamiji said with boldness, "When your religion-makers whenever they criticize us, they should never forget that if all India stands up, throwing all the mud of the Indian Ocean and throwing it on the Western countries, even then millions of those evils There will also be no part, which you are doing for us. Did we send some religious campaigner to the West for conversion? Can you tell us which world Have you circulated without any bleeding, without the help of the sword? In discussing the sacrificial service of Christ, sacrificing the goodness of the Christian missionaries, Oz, in his words, manuscript in words The church's pastor kept on listening to the confusions and repentance was reflected in his face. Swamiji came forward with the glory of the glory which came forth from the glory of the organizers. H We received an opportunity to hear the message of an angel | "

           Swami Vivekananda traveled from America to travel to Europe, Switzerland, Germany, England, etc.; Lectures in western countries, giving yoga training left for India. In December 96 Swamiji's steamer crossed the Lalsagar and was heading towards the Indus Sea. Slowly the end of the ocean ended Lonely in the worship of the motherland, in the form of floral goddess, in the lap of Goddess Nature, the holy shores of Sri Lanka began to appear in the skyline. Swami ji's heart started sprouting. Standing on the deck, Swamiji was adoring him with trash eyes.

           What did they know that their innumerable countrymen, Palak-Padwala, who were congratulating that saint of Motherland were waiting at the seaside. The unknown young ascetic of yesterday, who once came upon the Sripadasila, who had resolved the stairs, realized the determination of Digvijay Swami Vivekananda were going to be descended on Bharat Bhumi The stoppage of the steamers was announced by the crowd of millions who praised Swami Vivekananda's jai, Bharat Mata Ki Jai. Swamiji jumped from the steamer and started rolling in the sand of the sea. Stay in the lap of the motherland for a long time. It seemed as if a son is lying in the mother's lap a long time and is wary of staying away for so many days.

          Swami ji's migration started in India. Many speakers gave different speeches at various places, conveyed to their audience, "Now for the next fifty years, our nation will be our God. People living here will be our God, their service will be our worship."

          On May 1, 1897, he founded the Ramakrishna Mission in Calcutta. The purpose of this institution was to promote religion and spirituality. It was its main task to serve the people in education, health and disaster. He started the publication of "Enlightened India" in English language and magazine 'Apabhodan' in Bangla. Swami ji visited all over India and introduced the kings - Maharajas, scholars and noblemen to the needs of the motherland.

Sister Margaret Nobel, influenced by Swami Vivekananda's influence, came to India from Ireland. Swami ji named him "Sister Nivedita" by initiating him. Efforts of sister-in-law for education development in India have been commendable. Nivedita established schools in many places. Taking the time, serving poor, helpless, patients, have been making every effort to realize the dreams of their Guru.

Swami Vivekananda again went on a foreign trip in 1899 AD. Wanted to see the works established in the past and start new works. Arrive in New York, London The Shanti Ashram in California and the Vedanta Ashram in San Francisco. Swamiji continued to migrate, homeland worship The rest were probably forgotten. As a result, his healthy, healthy body was becoming shabby. While visiting countries such as Paris, Hungary, Romania, Egypt, came back to Calcutta in December 1900. Just a year and a half later, he returned to India with weak body and fractal health. Mayawati reached with Mayawati Ashram's founder Saradanand and disciple Sadanand. There lived for about 15 days. In this state, Swamiji also went with his mother to Chandranath, Lagalbanda, Kamakhya etc. on the pilgrimage. They were welcomed all over the place. After staying for some days in Shillong, they returned to Belud Math.

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Power of the Subconscious Mind

All of us have covered a lot of unaccounted treasure. It is enough to see the eyes of the mind open to get it. There is a vast reservoir of Niyamats within us, from which we can get everything necessary to live a happy, prosperous and enjoyable life. Many times we do not know the possibilities contained in us because we are unaware of the unlimited knowledge and the treasure of eternal love within us, while the truth is that from this we can extract whatever we want.

        The iron magnet piece can lift 12 times more weight than its weight, but if we remove its magnetic properties, it will not be able to lift a straw. In the same way man is also of two types. One who is filled with magnetic properties, such people are filled with self-confidence and belief and they know that they are made to succeed and win. Others are people who do not possess magnetic properties, such individuals are found more in society. They are full of fear and doubt. Even if the opportunities are revealed, they say, 'If I did not succeed'? People will laugh at me Such people can not go much further in life. Their fear prevents them from where they are. Now we have to think about which of the two categories we come in. That is, we have magnetic properties or lack it. If not, then we can become a magnetic person, provided we understand and understand its secret. This is the secret, the wonderful miracle power found in our subconscious mind. By learning to use the hidden power of the subconscious mind, we can find more power, wealth, health and happiness in our life. Actually we do not need to achieve this power, it is already contained in us, we just have to learn how to use it. Our subconscious mind keeps waiting for this when we develop and express it. If we recognize the potential of our subconscious mind then the desires of our outer world can come true and we can open the way to know the uselessness and inappropriateness of scalar expression in our life. To reveal the powers contained in the subconscious mind,

Ideas are worth remembering-

(1) The great secret of all the great men was that they had the talent to contact and release the forces of their subconscious mind. You can do the same.

(2) Our subconscious mind has responses to all the problems. If we say to the subconscious mind before sleeping, "I want to wake up at six o'clock", then it will wake you right away.

(3) Our subconscious is the creator of our body and can treat us. If we sleep with ideal health every night, then our loyal servant, that our subconscious mind will obey our order. Every thought is a reason and every circumstance is a result.

(4) If we want to write a book, write a good play, In front of the audience

(5) If you want to deliver better speech, then let this idea reach your subconscious mind with emotion and love. He will respond to it accordingly.

(6) In fact, we are like a ship. We only have to give correct instructions, otherwise the ship will crash. In the same way, we have to give the right order (ideas and pictures) to our unbound mind, which controls all of our experiences.

(7) Such sentences should never be used, "I have no money for it" or "I can not do this work." Whatever we think, our subconscious mind accepts the same thing, Ensures that we never have the money or do not have the ability to do what we want to do. Instead, say firmly, "I can do all the work with the power of my subconscious mind."

(8) The rule of life is the rule of faith. Faith is an idea of ​​our brain. Do not believe in things that hurt or injures us. Believe in the powers of your subconscious that they will treat us, make them powerful and prosperous. Change your thoughts, the fate will change itself.

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Vivek Vani - Words of Swami Vivekananda

1- "Love India, worship it, that is prayer, that is worship, it is everything."

2- "India's history and literature have a national ideal of femininity, which does not impart education to the ideal from the beginning to the end, it can never be counted as the real education of the Indians.

3- "Meditate only then and only then can you be called a Hindu, when you hear this name, you will run the power of power in your raga."

4- "Only then you are entitled to be called Hindu, when the pain of any person who carries this name disturbs your heart in such a way as if your son is in distress.

5- "At the time you are frightened you are negligible. It is the root of all the disasters in the world. First of all, our young men become strong."

6- "Come, let us eliminate all our disputes and mutual discord, affect this grand stream of affection everywhere."

7- "In the same person, the Mahatma says that the blood of the heart flows for the poor, otherwise it is the evil."

8- "I want freedom only, it is also selfish to think that, till then there will be one sadness in India, till then I do not want liberation."

9- "Go! In the future life, follow the divine light, who had surrendered 500 times before birth, before receiving the realization of the welfare of others."

10- "Development is life and death is no doubt."

11- "Jeev Seva is the service of God."

12- "Be heroic, be reverent, and everything will come after this."

13 "Whatever you think will happen, if you think that you are weak, then you will become weak, and if you think strong, then you will become strong."

14- "The world can be pure and good only when we are holy and good, that is the work and we are due to it. Therefore, let us make ourselves holy, come, let us make ourselves pure."

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Three inspirational events in Swami Vivekananda's life

Courageous Narendra

In Narendra, the qualities of leadership were innate. They considered renunciation as the greatest quality. When he was six years old, he went to the fair with a relative. They had a small child with them. She was younger than Narendra. They were returning after seeing the fair. The child was left behind. Turned back and looked back and stood in the middle of the road. A horse wig

Had been The child was frightened by fear. Due to fear he was unable to move. The buggy was about to crush him that Narendra ran over him. Regardless of their lives, the child pulled the child from the middle of the horse's feet. The crowd gathered around. People were praising Narendra. On returning, the relative told the incident to the mother of Narendra. Mother Bhuvaneshwari cried over the whole event, but she said to Narendra - "Son always do the work of such courage. Never be cowardly. "

 Agility was a major feature of Narendra. Narendra was full of energy. The restlessness of something new was kept in it. His agility was only the symptom. In the future life, these qualities made him a snake charmer. With the help of only one pair of money without money, they had the courage to travel around the country and abroad. The longing to do something new was restless.


In 1871, Narendra was admitted to the famous School Metropolitan Institute of Ishwar Chander Vidyasagar. Vidyasagar was a living-learning ideal of scholarship, simple life and simple behavior. Focusing on reading, ahead of sporting exercise, Sermon in humorousness, intense intellectual skills, pioneer in courage and bravery, Narendra soon became eligible for Vidyasagar's affection.

     One day the teachers were studying in tensile classes, most of the students were listening to the text, but in the back row, Sitara was discussing with some friends. The teacher did not like it. To teach Narendra to experience the mistake, he asked some questions about the topic being read abruptly. The teacher was confident that Narendra would not be able to answer. The colleagues also felt that their hero was caught. But there was no place for the surprise of everyone to hear the exact answers to the questions from Narendra. The teacher asked, "Who was talking?" In all instinct, everyone looked towards Narendra, but the teacher did not believe, he said, "The children who were talking, stand up." Balendra Narendra also Stood up If the teacher refused to stand up Narendra, then the child said, "Guruji, I was talking, so I should be standing. The teacher was surprised and said-" You were listening to us carefully. "Narendra Said, "You were talking about listening to your lessons carefully." All were surprised. Narendra asked the child with his surprised faces easily and easily asked, "Acharya ji! Can not two different things be done together? "Narendra's talent appeared in front of everyone. All were enchanting on unusual talent. This is a wonderful example of Narendra's concentration. 

Second story of concentration

     This is the second incident or story after becoming Swami Vivekananda of Narendra. While traveling to North India, he reached Rishikesh with Swami Akhandanand. In Rishikesh, they got upset. Swami Brahmananda did his treatment in Haridwar. By getting some healthy, they reached Meerut for relaxation and health benefits. Studies, meditation, Sanskrit, etc. classes started running there. Books were made available only from the local library. One day, on the request of Swami Aakhandananda, all works of Sir John Lubbock were brought from the library to study. The librarian's head was doubted in the mind of the Librarian who went back to him on the second day. For many days, he was watching that the Sannyasi Mahasaya takes every day to read thick books and returns back the next day. The librarian asked him - "Swamiji, do you read them or reverse it and return them? You waste all of us in vain. "This news reached to Narendra. On the second day he went to the library himself. While addressing the librarian, he said, "My master brother Swami Aakhandanand takes books for me only, I read them and understand them completely and return them. Do you have any doubts? "
 "Swamiji, sorry to read all the works of Sir John Lubbock in one day
Can the losers be ended? "The librarian expressed his humility by curiosity.
"Why not, I have finished reading it. If you have a partner then by asking anything from it
Examine Swamiji's confidence in the face. but The librarian did not believe. Why would it happen? For ordinary person It was not possible. So she started asking many questions. Diversity of questions and The complexity could have troubled anyone. Right and clear and complete answer of Narendra He did not know where he was. His heart was filled with unbelief. Swamiji, in the footsteps of Swamiji, said, "Swamiji, excuse me, you are a god, I doubt it unconscious." I do not understand how you could accomplish this task. "" Swamiji replied - "If the concentration of mind is practiced, then the entire paragraph or the entire literature can be read together. I studied in the same way. "In the statement of Swami ji, humility and naturalness were being seen. The librarian then assumed the key to success today.

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Blessings in Disguise
An oil well caught fire. The fire was too dangerous for the fire brigades of the company to go near it.
     Things were getting desperate. As a last resort, the local fire brigade was called.
     The local fire brigade was notoriously inefficient, but to everyone's surprise, it took the the engine close to the fire and bravely put it out.
     The grateful and appreciative oil company presented them with an enormous cheque for their bravery at a public reception.
     After the ceremony, the head of the oil company asked them "How could you display such heroism where our own people failed? They answered... "Our engine was not fully under control because the brakes were faulty. The engine took us too close to the fire and there was no way out but to fight the fire."

Implication of the story:
Break failure proved to be a blessing in disguise to the fie brigades. Life, at times, may present unexpected turn of events that may bring fortune even when undeserved. Accept certain amount of mysticism in life.    

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Those Who Love Have No Fear soldier approached his commanding officer, seeking his permission to fetch his friend who had not yet returned form the battlefield.

The officer refused to let him go stating that the soldier's friend was probably already dead.
"There was no point in going out and losing your life too," the officer said.

Unmindful of consequence, the soldier wen and returned only an hour later, mortally wounded and carrying his dead friend. 

The officer was furious. "I told you he was dead. Now I've lost both of you. Tell me; was it worth it to go out there just bring back a corpse?"

The soldier replied..."Oh, it was, sir. When I got to him, he was still alive. He said to me, "Jack, I was sure you'd come.

Implication of the story:
Love has no fear. Humanity survives purely because of the love we have for each other. if it
weren't for love, we would have perished a long time ago. 

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Sandeep Maheshwari Quotes

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The person

Sandeep Maheshwari is a name among millions who struggled, failed and surged ahead in search of success, happiness and contentment. Just like any other middle class guy, he too had a bunch of unclear dreams and a blurred vision of his goals in life. All he had was an undying learning attitude to hold on to. Rowing through ups and downs, it was time that taught him the true meaning of his life.

And once discovered, he consistently kept resigning from his comfort zone and to share the secret of his success with the entire world. It is this very urge of helping people and doing something good for the society that inspired him to take the initiative of changing people's lives in the form of "Free Life-Changing Seminars and Sessions".

No wonder people connect with him and his mission of 'Sharing' is now being actively propagated and practiced by millions. It is his diligent focus, the great support of his family and the faith of his team that keeps him going.

The starting point

His family was into the Aluminum business, which collapsed and the onus was onto him to fill in this crucial time of need. And as expected by any young guy, he started doing everything he could. Right from joining a multi-level marketing company to manufacturing & marketing household products. He left no stone unturned.

It was during this phase, he discovered interest and need beyond any formal education. Hence, instead of being a brilliant student, he opted to drop out of Kirorimal College, Delhi in the third year of B.Com. Rather, he embarked on the journey of studying yet another interesting subject. A subject called life.

Attracted by the scintillating modeling world, he started his career as a model at the age of 19. Witnessing the harassment and exploitation experienced by models, something in him moved. And it was this turning moment when he decided to help countless struggling models. With a mission within, he started small. A 2-week course in photography and there he was, a dime-a-dozen photographer with a camera in his hand. Nothing much changed. Moving ahead with a burning desire to change the modeling world, he set up his own company by the name of Mash Audio Visuals Pvt. Ltd. and started making portfolios.

Next, in the year 2002, he along with his three friends, started a company, which was closed within six months. But Sandeep's mind was still open. With the concept of "Sharing" in his heart, he summed up his entire experience in a reversed book on marketing.He was just 21.

It was the year 2003. He created a world record by knocking down a juggernaut task of taking more than 10,000 shots of 122 models in just 10 hours and 45 minutes. But as expected, he didn't stop. His focus was not diluted by the glamour and temporary adulation he got. Rather, this fueled his innate desire to revamp the modeling world further. At the age of 26, he launched ImagesBazaar. The year was 2006. Not being a massive setup, he took the job of multi-tasking. Being the counselor, tele-caller and a photographer all by himself, he paved his way forward. And today, ImagesBazaar is the world's largest collection of Indian images with over a million images and more than 7000 clients across 45 countries.

Sandeep has single handedly brought this paradigm shift in the modeling world. Countless models have been successfully launched with words like exploitation and harassment sidelined to a large extent.

It was this life-changing endeavor that made him one of the most renowned entrepreneurs of India at a young age of 29. His ethics resonating some of the philosophies like 'To Never Fear of Failures' and "Be Truthful to self and others".

Apart from being a successful entrepreneur, he is a guide, a mentor, a role model and a youth icon for millions of people all over the world. People love and adore him for his great mission of making everybody believe in them and helping people to make their life 'Aasaan' (Easy).

His unshakable faith in the divine power grants him strength to thrive. Being at the helm of success, it is quite astonishing to know that money does not lure him. And that's why, profits don't drive his organisation. It's an emotional bonding with each and every person working in the company that matters for him.

Capable of building an entire new industry or an organization, he is satisfied to adhere to his self-made benchmark that states, "If you have more than you need, simply share it with those who need it the most."

With a completely distinct aura than any other person of his age and stature, he rose above the rat race and broke through the age-old myth of 'Life is tough' with his simple mantra 'Aasaan Hai'.

And out of this root solution branched out numerous ground breaking realities such as, 'Money grows on trees', 'Success is not just about working hard' and the most interesting being "To say is easy, but to do is easier".

Cherishing all the bad experiences to be the great turning points of his life, his experience comes from bad experiences. Sandeep believes that whether you start from a rupee or a million, the important thing is to start and that too with your own money.

His vision is to ignite and inspire the entrepreneurial spirit of tomorrow's leaders and to help them succeed.


  • Creative Entrepreneur of the Year 2013 by Entrepreneur India Summit
  • One of India's Most Promising Entrepreneurs by "Business World" magazine
  • Star Youth Achiever Award instituted by the Global Youth Marketing Forum
  • Young Creative Entrepreneur Award by the British Council, a division of the British High Commission
  • Pioneer of Tomorrow Award by the "ET Now" television channel
  • Apart from this, he has also been featured in almost all the leading magazines, newspapers and television channels such as The Economic Times, India Today, CNBC-TV18, IBN7, ET Now, NewsX and more.

Quote-1: If you are searching for that person who will change your life, take a look in the 
                                                                                                             - Sandeep Maheshwari

Quote-2: No hill is tough to climb, see you at the top.
                                                                                                             - Sandeep Maheshwari

Quote-3: If you have more than you need share it with those who need it the most.
                                                                                                             - Sandeep Maheshwari

Quote-4: If you want to achieve greatness stop asking for permission.
                                                                                                             - Sandeep Maheshwari

Quote-5: Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.
                                                                                                             - Sandeep Maheshwari

Quote-6: Mistakes are proof you are trying. 
                                                                                                             - Sandeep Maheshwari

Quote-7: A ‘Desire’ changes nothing, A ‘Decision’ changes something but. A ‘Determination’
               changes everything.

                                                                                                             - Sandeep Maheshwari

Quote-8: Success always hugs you in private..! But failure always slaps you in the public..!   
               That’s Life.
                                                                                                             - Sandeep Maheshwari

Quote-9: The eye you see the world, this is the way you will see all around the world.
                                                                                                             - Sandeep Maheshwari

Quote-10: Whether applause rise or fall, what’s the difference? Success or failure does not  
                 matter? Just go to work, work does not small or big.
                                                                                                             - Sandeep Maheshwari

Quote-11:The person who has changed his habit, he will change tomorrow, and the person 
                who could not change their habit with him tomorrow will be what is happening 
                already and will happen.
                                                                                                             - Sandeep Maheshwari

Quote-12: Say Good, listen good, look good.
                                                                                                             - Sandeep Maheshwari

Quote-13: Neither run away nor wait…Just keep moving.
                                                                                                             - Sandeep Maheshwari

Quote-14: Money is as much important, as is patrol in a car, not more, not less.
                                                                                                             - Sandeep Maheshwari

Quote-15: Any work you put in 100%, then you’ll be successful.
                                                                                                             - Sandeep Maheshwari

Quote-16: Life is waiting for you, Give your best shot.
                                                                                                             - Sandeep Maheshwari

Quote-17: If you have more then you need, simply share it those who nee it most.
                                                                                                             - Sandeep Maheshwari

Quote-18: The moment you start valuing yourself, the world will start valuing you.
                                                                                                             - Sandeep Maheshwari

Quote-19: What you think about yourself matters more than what others think about you.
                                                                                                             - Sandeep Maheshwari

Quote-20: Don't be too serious about what you think. It's just a point of view.  
                                                                                                             - Sandeep Maheshwari

Quote-21: You might have failed, but you're not a failure until you give up.
                                                                                                             - Sandeep Maheshwari

Quote-22: The ability to detach yourself from your thoughts is your ticket to freedom. 
                                                                                                             - Sandeep Maheshwari

Quote-23: What people think about you is not important. What you think about yourself  
                 means everything.
                                                                                                             - Sandeep Maheshwari

Quote-24: Always remember, you are much bigger than your problems.
                                                                                                             - Sandeep Maheshwari

Quote-25: Success always hugs you in private...! but failure always slaps you in the public..!
                 That's life.
                                                                                                             - Sandeep Maheshwari

Quote-26: The eye you see the world, this is the way you will see all around the world.
                                                                                                             - Sandeep Maheshwari

Quote-27: You have to be powerful, not because you then you can beat others, but you 
                 have to be powerful for not to get beaten by others.     
                                                                                                             - Sandeep Maheshwari

Quote-28: Stop doubting yourself, Work hard, make it happen.
                                                                                                             - Sandeep Maheshwari

Quote-29: If you really want to be successful, stop worrying about what you can get and   
                 start focusing on what you can do. 
                                                                                                             - Sandeep Maheshwari

Quote-30: If the whole world says it is due to palm lines that my fate is bad, then why can't I 
                 change my palm lines.
                                                                                                             - Sandeep Maheshwari

Quote-31: Stop criticizing yourself for your failures. Start appreciating yourself for your  
                                                                                                             - Sandeep Maheshwari

Quote-32: When you want to do the thing that nobody did till now, once this desire comes 
                 from your heart, then you don't have to do anything, that desire will do anything, 
                 that desire will do anything by using your body.    
                                                                                                             - Sandeep Maheshwari
Quote-33: Learn to control your thoughts or your thoughts will control you.
                                                                                                             - Sandeep Maheshwari

Quote-34: There you can learn a lot of thing about how to handle the difficult situation by 
                 your intelligence and how you can achieve you goal by hard yourself-confident.  
                                                                                                             - Sandeep Maheshwari

Quote-35: Be powerful not to dominate others, but to conquer yourself. 
                                                                                                             - Sandeep Maheshwari

Quote-36: Wisdom is directly proportional to your power to overcome the failures and  
                 setbacks in life.
                                                                                                             - Sandeep Maheshwari

Quote-37: You are the answer to all your questions. 
                                                                                                             - Sandeep Maheshwari

Quote-38: The illusion of luck disappears when we start seeing things as they actually are.
                                                                                                             - Sandeep Maheshwari

Quote-39: Countless careers options are available for those who are smart enough to 
                 understand the meaning of smart work.    
                                                                                                             - Sandeep Maheshwari

Quote-40: The only way to clear your mind is to stay grounded in reality. 
                                                                                                             - Sandeep Maheshwari

Quote-41: The man was designed for accomplishment, engineered for success, & endowed 
                 with the seeds of greatness. 
                                                                                                             - Sandeep Maheshwari

Quote-42: Never be afraid to do what you love.
                                                                                                             - Sandeep Maheshwari

Quote-43: Nothing is bigger than love.
                                                                                                             - Sandeep Maheshwari

Quote-44: Where there is love, there is no fear.
                                                                                                             - Sandeep Maheshwari

Quote-45: Acceptance of what it is happiness. 
                                                                                                             - Sandeep Maheshwari

Quote-46: Make your problems adventures and achieve greatness in every situation in life.
                                                                                                             - Sandeep Maheshwari

Quote-47: To act out of desire is bondage. To act out of love is freedom.
                                                                                                             - Sandeep Maheshwari

Quote-48: Success comes from experiences, experiences come from bad experiences...!
                                                                                                             - Sandeep Maheshwari

Quote-49: Meditation should not be torture. It must be fun! start small. Five to ten minutes a
                 day is a great start!.
                                                                                                             - Sandeep Maheshwari

Quote-50: The person who knows everything about why and what am I doing and how to do
                 it then nobody can stop him.
                                                                                                             - Sandeep Maheshwari

Quote-51: Action without thinking and thinking without actions will give you 100% failure.
                                                                                                             - Sandeep Maheshwari

Quote-52: Positive thinking is not about expecting the best to happen. It's about accepting 
                 that whatever happens, happens for the best.
                                                                                                             - Sandeep Maheshwari

Quote-53: Whenever you feel lonely start enjoying the company of the most wonderful  
                 person on this earth...You.
                                                                                                             - Sandeep Maheshwari

Quote-54: Education is not just about gathering knowledge, but more so about learning how
                 to think. 
                                                                                                             - Sandeep Maheshwari

Quote-55: Life without a purpose is meaningless.
                                                                                                             - Sandeep Maheshwari

Quote-56: If you are not afraid of losing, nobody can ever beat you.
                                                                                                             - Sandeep Maheshwari

Quote-57: The most important thing to be happy about in this world is that you're alive.
                                                                                                             - Sandeep Maheshwari

Quote-58: Today you all have a thirst to become something in life, to do something in life. 
                 But a day will come when you'll have more than you require and if at that day you
                 find someone who needs help, please (by joining both the hands and a cluster of 
                 emotions in his eyes) help that person.
                                                                                                             - Sandeep Maheshwari

Quote-59: If this has to be the last day of my life, but I am determined to do something, 
                 anything, on completion of which even after knowing that I am going to die 
                 tomorrow, I can sleep peacefully tonight.   
                                                                                                             - Sandeep Maheshwari

Quote-60: First you have to complete your own commitment if you are not able to complete
                 your own commitment then how can you complete those commitments that you
                 have given to others. 
                                                                                                             - Sandeep Maheshwari

Quote-61: I am inspired by those who have the courage to do things have been done 
                 before; things that were believed to be impossible.
                                                                                                             - Sandeep Maheshwari

Quote-62: Love is not a temporary feeling or emotion. Emotion and feeling change, 
                 sometimes daily. But true unconditional love is everlasting. 
                                                                                                             - Sandeep Maheshwari

Quote-63: All my life, I have been a failure. A failure when I dropped out of my college. A 
                 failure when I started my career. A failure when I wrote a book. A failure when my
                 business closed down... but, a failure to others, not to myself. And you can also
                 turn your failures into success, just like I did!.

                                                                                                             - Sandeep Maheshwari

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